Launched by Europiel Skin Center, our laser hair removal experts crew is ready to give you the treatment you need, with over 10 years of experience on using the German diode laser technology for hair removal.

In addition, our quality & service standards have led our way into the American market and settle at the world’s capital of medical breakthroughs: Houston, Texas; where we rise as the first and only mexican laser hair removal center in the U.S.

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Real results, European technology.

The German diode laser hair removal technology is the best method for both women & men who decide to remove unwanted hair and ingrown follicles. Whether it is for aesthetic or health, you’ll receive a treatment with visible medium-term, safe, and painless results.

At Prolaser we will strive to get your best results.
Thanks to the German diode laser hair removal technology, which is a method that can be used all year around by everyone & every type of skin, you will get effective results for all of your laser hair removal needs.

Trust our laser hair removal experts, who will always guide you from the beginning of all preliminary cares, until the very end of your treatment.

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It´s time to finally end the pain of shaving your skin.