Prolaser Skin Center - FAQ’s

  1. Through a laser hair removal patch test, which will be taken at our facilities to develop the ideal treatment for your skin & hair type.
  1. Our German diode laser hair removal technology is a completely safe method for people over the age of 12 years, according to the following specifications:
  • Skin tone and type
  • Hair color and type
  • Any skin-related medical conditions
  • Current usage of other treatments and medications
  1. During your laser hair removal session, he German diode laser technology emits a high power & accuracy beam in each shot. Afterwards, the beam is conducted through the targeted body hair until it reaches its follicle, where it is absorbed and transformed into heat. Once the follicle reaches enough temperature, it is then destroyed to begin the journey into slowing down its growth.
  1. There are a few directions that you must take into account to ensure both the maximum effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment, and guarding your personal welfare during the process. Among them are:


  • Try to avoid sunlight, even when the weather’s cloudy or rainy. This way, your skin won’t get any further irritation, generate smudge marks, or any other interference with your laser hair removal treatment.

  • If you’re going to remove hair on your account, do not use wax, tweezers or any method that pulls your hair out by the root because it will also interfere with the progress of your laser hair removal treatment.


  • Take a break from makeup, cosmetics, deodorants, and other products that you usually apply over the area you’re getting the laser hair removal, since this also interferes with the process.
  • Taking a break, as mentioned above, also includes any other abrasive or chemical treatments, such as peelings.


  • Keep the skin in the treated area hydrated with body cream during the next 3-5 days after your laser hair removal session. Make sure that it contains glycerin, ceramides, and allantoin. You can also use the anti-inflammatory power of aloe vera.


  • Remember that some medicines can cause photosensitivity, which will make your skin more sensitive to light and, therefore, also more sensitive to your laser hair removal process. Make sure to notify your technician about this!


  • In case of the possibility of being pregnant, it is not recommended to get a laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding for the sake of your baby’s health, and yourself.
  1. To get the greatest effect through laser hair removal, it is recommended to perform at least 10 sessions. Nevertheless, you must take into account that the skin & hair type is very different from person to person, and it will defined after your laser hair removal patch test.
  • Time: Every laser hair removal session is quicker than any other current methods and, on the long run, results in a higher hair loss at the treated area.


  • Safety: The German diode technology for laser hair removal focuses on acting directly on the pigment of body hair and its follicle, not your skin.


  • Softness: Along with removing body hair, the German diode laser will also give your skin smoothness boost.


  • Cleanliness: Through laser hair removal, you will also clear the path for your body sweat and the bacteria that clinged around your body hair.


  • Effectiveness: Besides removing your body hair in general, our laser hair removal technology will also remove ingrown hairs without leaving any trace, such as smudges, pain, or burn marks.
  1. The equipment used at Prolaser Skin Center has the most advanced 940nm German diode laser, which can safely provide up to a 95% of hair removal effectiveness, rendering other methods such as the Alexandrite and YAG as obsolete.
  1. Thanks to the breakthroughs and technological advancements since the beginning of laser hair removal techniques, now it can now be used on almost the entire body. We strongly recommend you to check our catalog to see the areas where you can use it safely.
  1. It depends on the skin area where you will get the laser hair removal done, as well as your own pain perception. Nonetheless, what you will feel can be described as a slight stinging sensation and our laser hair removal specialists will give you the proper tips & care to minimize it.
  1. There are sections of the body known as androgen-dependent areas that generate more body hair and, as a result, these will require more sessions that others. These areas include the face, abdomen trail, areolas and the back, among others, and the amount of sessions needed will be assigned according to each user and the results of their laser hair removal patch test.

Unfortunately, no. The reason behind this is that the pigment used in your tattoo is too high and it will attract the laser’s beam completely. So, instead of performing a successful laser hair removal session, the result will be a serious skin burn.

  1. It’s highly important for you to have in mind the sensitivity of your skin after your laser hair removal session, its interactions with your sweat; and in the case of swimming activities, the chemicals and the pH levels of water (pools, seawater, or rivers). The best is to wait for a few days after each laser hair removal session before you go back to these activities so that you can minimize your skin’s soreness.
  1. Of course! The only methods that you must avoid at all cost are the ones that pull your hairs out by the roots (tweezers, wax, or another laser) because it will also interfere with the progress of your laser hair removal treatment.
  1. Moles are natural body marks also have a high pigment that absorbs the German diode laser. But, unlike tattoos, moles can be protected with a white bandage so that it won’t be detected by the laser, and preventing them from being burned during your laser hair removal treatment.

In the case of freckles, the German diode laser can be used over them with no problem whatsoever, and even tend to disappear as your laser hair removal treatment progresses.

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