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We are an international branch that specializes in laser hair removal, as well as one of the first ones to use the latest, most effective, and safest German diode technology on a worldwide scale. With over 10 years of experience and success in the laser hair removal business, we’re also the only center that can guarantee up to a 95% of hair removal at the area of your choice.

Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, and Costa Rica are the countries where we have settled, yet, we will continue working to give your skin the treatment it truly deserves!

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Approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the diode laser is the latest method, effective and safe hair removal, leaving behind traditional methods Alexandrite and YAG laser. Its effectiveness does not pose health risk because it is the most noble and safe for all skin types method worldwide.

This technology focuses the laser power in the follicle, penetrated from 805 nm, rather than the traditional old methods, resulting in an advanced elimination from the first session



When you purchase any of our laser hair removal packages, you’re also choosing the freedom & style that your skin deserves.

Throughout 10 sessions with real, long-term results, our Prolaser experts will do their best to ensure your hair removal needs are met, and give you the satisfaction of a silk-smooth skin.